About JuJu

Boot: a covering of leather, rubber, or the like, for the foot and all or part of the leg.

JuJu: the magical power attributed to such an object.

Boot with boot strap close up
Boot JuJu is the new and sassy way to give your boots a new lease of life and an edgy touch of style. As the strapline suggests, we want to give you ‘boots that talk the walk!‘

As most females know, accessorising is the key to personalising and uplifting any outfit. Attire can be transformed in an instant when an eye-catching and exquisite piece is added, and it’s no different for boots.

How boot JuJu came about

The idea came about whilst I was doing my True Brit adventures and travelling across America. Being an avid collector of nice footwear, I bought myself a fabulous pair of cowboy boots. I noticed that only some shops sold boot straps but they were either flimsy and didn’t last long or too manly with heavy chains and not at all feminine. The options were very few so I took it upon myself to start making my own straps to liven up my boots; sometimes just wearing the one piece and sometimes layering them up to create some real pizazz! I ended up buying five different pairs of boots just to accommodate my designs.

Every time I wore my boots out and about I would be stopped several times and asked where I got them from. I soon came to realise that my designs sparked a lot of interest and it was time I took this JuJu to market.

Whilst it all started on my cowboy boots I have since worn my boot straps on many different styles of boots and the result is just as outstanding.

Boot JuJu offers you the ability to create your own style, stand out from the usual and change a simple pair of boots into a fabulous work of art rather than having to buy some new ones.

Why be ordinary when you can be exceptional?


Boot JuJu ~ For boots that talk the walk