The JuJu Product Range

How Much JuJu Do I Need?

Not that need ever comes into a female mind when shopping for accessories, as us girlies have been gilding ourselves with beautiful embellishments since the dawn of time. The question is, how many do we want?!

It’s all about personality and style and how many boots you want to improve.

Boot JuJu can be worn as a singular piece on one boot to make a statement or several straps can be layered up to make an emphatic and lusty announcement!

The JuJu Double Strap

Double Boot Strap - Boot JuJu

Not once but twice because twice is sweeter than sugar!

Our double Boot JuJu straps come in a svelte 3/4 inch width and a lengthy 32 inches so you can wrap that beauty around your booty once and again for double drama!

The double strap range is designed with every boot in mind, be it a work boot, a cowboy boot or a dress boot and because of that, we have kept to the two most suitable and effective colours of black and cream.

Each strap is made from soft and malleable leather which gives a classy, polished look but also remains hard wearing. We have sourced the highest quality adornments which are screwed or riveted into the belts combing beauty with practicality to keep you one step ahead of the crowd.

This JuJu looks its sexiest when looping twice around the ankle of your boot but can also be wrapped around the mid-calf. The choice is yours, dependant upon mood and boot. Shop here.

The Wild Western JuJu Strap

This glorious piece has onlookers doing a double take even though it is a single strap.

The Wild Western has been designed with a beautifully ornate 3 piece buckle set which means you can wear it without adornments and still step out like the Queen of the road.

The belt comes 1 inch wide and approx 19 inches in length to accommodate most boots and can be worn at the top, middle or around the ankle and heel.

The Wild Western obviously looks fabulous on a pair of cowboy boots or knee-high winter boots but equally holds its own on a pair of heeled ankle boots.

The straps come in two colours : Plain, dark brown leather with a gold coloured 3 piece buckle set, or a light brown snakeskin effect leather with an antiqued silver coloured 3 piece buckle set. The leather is soft but strong for both femininity and durability.

Both belts are available without adornments but those that have been embellished have only the highest quality, dazzling designs leaving you quite simply, undisputed and booted. Shop here.

Model wearing Boot JuJu in countryside
Gothic Bad JuJu Boot Strap

Vintage Bad JuJu Straps

These one-off pieces of JuJu will give you the exclusivity you have been looking for and the confidence to stride out like a Goddess!

Our vintage JuJu straps are individually made designs meaning you will not find another exactly the same anywhere else. Each piece of vintage leather is sourced from the UK or Europe, cut, distressed, antiqued and embellished with an eclectic mix of edgy, high-quality pieces. Each strap has been lovingly handmade with the select and distinctive dynamo in mind. That’s what we call, “Stepping It Up A Gear’

Shop here.

Your Strap In A Sack For Life

All our Boot JuJu straps come to you in a Boot JuJu emblazoned, cotton drawstring sack for life. We care about our product and want to make sure you are able to care for it too so you can carry your JuJu with you wherever you go and keep it protected.


Boot JuJu ~ For boots that talk the walk.

Dallas Double Strap Boot JuJu on cowboy boot